Unveiling the Tesla Model 3: Hidden Gems Every Owner Should Discover

Unveiling the Tesla Model 3: Hidden Gems Every Owner Should Discover

Owning a Tesla Model 3 is like having a ticket to the future. The sleek, electric marvel promises an eco-conscious journey and comes packed with a treasure trove of hidden features. If you own a Tesla Model 3, you are already in the future. But if you aren't using the car with all its features, then what is the benefit of owning such an amazing car?

So, let's find out some amazing (but hidden) Tesla Model 3 features.

Dog Mode: Keeping Your Furry Friends Comfortable

Beyond being an electric powerhouse, the Model 3 is surprisingly pet-friendly. Activate 'Dog Mode' through your Tesla's climate control settings to ensure your four-legged companions stay comfortable while you're away. This feature maintains an interior temperature that is ideal for your pet. The car also displays a message on the screen to inform bystanders that your pets are safe and even notifies you if the battery reaches a low level and when you should return to your car.

Emissions Testing Mode: A Unique Touch

If you ever find yourself in need of a little amusement during emissions testing, the Model 3 has you covered. Access the 'Emissions Testing Mode' under 'Toybox' in your Tesla's menu. This feature might be for testing, but it transforms your car into a fun light show. With this, you will be entertained and also get your emission tested. Plus, if your car has a Tesla Model 3 roof rack, emissions will also cover it.

Navigate on Autopilot: Your Personal Co-Pilot

While Autopilot is a well-known feature, not everyone is aware of the advanced capabilities of 'Navigate on Autopilot.' This hidden gem not only keeps you in your lane but also guides you through highway interchanges and suggests lane changes to optimize your route. Enable this feature in your Autopilot settings and let your Tesla become your personal co-pilot, easily navigating complex highway scenarios.

Hidden Games: Turning Traffic Jams into Playtime

Tesla understands that sometimes, you might find yourself stuck in traffic with nothing to do. Enter 'Tesla Arcade' under 'Toybox' to discover a collection of hidden games that turn your Model 3's screen into a gaming console. From classic games like Asteroids to modern games like Beach Buggy Racing 2, these games can turn a frustrating traffic jam into an enjoyable waiting.

Century Mode: A Guardian for Your Tesla

Give your Tesla an extra layer of security with 'Century Mode.' This feature uses the car's built-in cameras to record and store footage when it detects a potential threat or break-in. Activate Century Mode through the security settings, and rest assured that your Model 3 has an extra pair of digital eyes keeping watch over it, even when you're not around. The extra pair of eyes will cover everything from Tesla Model 3 rims to the roof.

Charging Port Open/Close: A Neat Trick

Ever wished you could impress onlookers with a James Bond-style flourish? Well, your Model 3 can help with that. By simply tapping the charging port door on your car's screen, you can command it to open or close, adding a touch of theatricality to your charging routine. It's a small detail, but it's an absolute delight!

Scheduled Departure: Wake Up to a Ready-to-Go Tesla

Start your day on a stress-free note with 'Scheduled Departure.' This feature allows you to set a specific departure time, prompting your Model 3 to precondition the battery and cabin temperature. Bid Adieu to scraping ice off the windshield in the winter or enduring a hot car in the summer. With Scheduled Departure, your Tesla will be ready to hit the road the exact moment you are.

Pin to Drive: Adding an Extra Layer of Security

Enhance the security of your Model 3 by enabling 'Pin to Drive.' This feature requires you to enter a personal identification number (PIN) before you can shift the car into drive. It's a simple yet effective way to protect your car from being stolen or used by someone else. This adds protection to your lovely car

Voice Commands: Your Car, Your Command

Did you know that your Model 3 is an excellent listener? Well, it won't listen to your rants, but you can utilize voice commands to control various aspects of your car, from adjusting the climate inside the car to navigating to your favourite place. Activate voice recognition by pressing the right steering wheel scroll button, and let your car respond to your every command. Having this feature is like having a conversation partner on the go. And this is exactly what makes Tesla special.

Owning a Tesla is a special kind of feeling and experience, and if you utilize all its features to the fullest, then you will have fun beyond imagination driving your Tesla.