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Introducing S3XY Buttons: Enhance Your Tesla with Quick Shortcut Actions

Upgrade your Tesla experience with S3XY Buttons, the ultimate solution for convenient and efficient control of your vehicle. Designed specifically for Tesla owners, these shortcut buttons enable quick access to essential functions and smart features, all at your fingertips. From configuring settings to accessing various controls, S3XY Buttons revolutionize the way you interact with your Tesla.

Configurable from the App: With S3XY Buttons, customization is key. Seamlessly configure your shortcut buttons directly from the intuitive S3XY Buttons mobile app. Tailor each button's functionality to suit your preferences, ensuring effortless control over your Tesla.

Quick Actions Galore: Access a wide range of Tesla quick actions with S3XY Buttons. Open the glovebox, control regenerative braking, manage wipers, switch between drive modes (Chill or Sport), fold mirrors, control dome lights, unlock the charge port, adjust seat settings, activate seat heating, control hazard lights, manage climate settings, and more. S3XY Buttons empower you to effortlessly command your Tesla's functionalities with ease and efficiency.

Stunning Tesla Dashboard Inside the S3XY Buttons App: Enjoy a visually captivating and user-friendly dashboard right at your fingertips. The S3XY Buttons app provides a stunning interface that replicates your Tesla's dashboard, allowing you to monitor essential information and access important controls directly from your smartphone.

Smart Functions: Take advantage of S3XY Buttons' smart functions to unlock unique features for your Tesla. With the COMMANDER feature, you can effortlessly open the frunk (front trunk) using the door handles. The Autopilot assistant provides an enhanced driving experience, and the upcoming Smart Regeneration feature will revolutionize the way you maximize energy efficiency in your Tesla.

What's Included: S3XY Buttons comes with everything you need to get started. The package includes black buttons and additional white bezels, allowing you to match your Tesla's interior. The Commander device serves as the central control hub, seamlessly connecting your buttons to your Tesla. Additionally, a cable designed specifically for Model 3/Y 2019 onward is provided for easy installation.

Wireless Convenience: Enjoy the freedom of wireless control with S3XY Buttons. The wireless buttons come with sticky tape, allowing you to place them wherever is most convenient for you within your Tesla's interior. No need for messy cables or complicated installations—simply stick the buttons where you want them and experience hassle-free control.

Unlock the full potential of your Tesla with S3XY Buttons. Upgrade your driving experience today and enjoy the convenience, efficiency, and style that these shortcut buttons provide. Take control with S3XY Buttons—your Tesla's new best friend.

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Éric Malenfant
Love it !!

Got them with my CCS adapter from goev too and it’s perfect I got them mostly for battery preheating and work really well