Tesla Model 3/Y: S3XY Knob

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What is the S3XY Knob 

How did we came up with the idea?
What does it do?
How to install it?

Using the S3XY Knob while driving

- How to navigate the menu without looking down?
- Is it safe to use it while driving?
- How the haptic feedback helps?

What's included:
- S3XY Knob
- Commander Gen 2
- Rear & Front Connection cables for the Commander
- USB-C power cable for the Knob

The S3XY Knob fits perfectly in every Tesla M3/MY 2021+ central console, and it looks like a part of the car.

It comes with a Commander included in the package, which will let you connect your S3XY Buttons and add different Smart Actions to your car.

The S3XY Knob is an extension of the S3XY Buttons and not a replacement. They will work together in a synchronized way. 
The S3XY Knob can also be a stand-alone device and doesn't require the S3XY Buttons to operate.

Installation of the new Commander included in the package will be almost the same as installation of the current Commander. Once the product is finalized, you will be given a chance to change the preferred installation method if you need to.

The S3XY Knob is currently not compatible with other cars like Model S/X and older Model 3. If the interest in these is high, we will do something about it next year. Stay tuned!

Installation Video:

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Jean-Frederic Gaudreault

Tesla Model 3/Y: S3XY Knob

Tesla Model 3/Y: S3XY Knob

Easy and quick installation. Multifunctional Knob, beautiful looking especially during the night driving because of the blue light around the Knob, It is an additional decoration for my Tesla Model Y.