NACS (Tesla Supercharger & 3rd Party DC charger) to CCS1 Adapter

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Key Features :

  • Power : rated for up to 500A.
  • Safety and Security: Our adapter locks in while charging, ensuring no unplanned disconnections or thefts. Includes an interlock safety pin preventing accidental removal of charging connector while charging. Unplug it with authorization from your car, phone or charging station's control panel and with an active locking mechanism.
  • Protection : IP54 protection from dust and water. Includes a hard case.
  • No restrictions : Compatible with V3 and V4 Tesla Superchargers - NACS 3rd party DC chargers in North America.

    Charging Data Sheet :




    160kW (250A) NACS 3rd party charger - charging @ 152kW on this Ioniq 6 with the A2Z EV NACS to CCS1 adapter, the Typhoon Plug.

    Requirements : 

    • For CCS1 port equipped vehicles
    • V3 and V4 Tesla Superchargers (250kW and above).
    • Any NACS (Tesla) level 3 (DC) charging station

    A2Z EV proudly introduces the market's premier aftermarket NACS to CCS1 adapter, specifically designed for North American electric vehicles. With our adapter, your vehicle is now compatible with any NACS fast charging station.

    Dedicated to precision, our design prioritizes the seamless integration with your vehicle, ensuring utmost safety and compatibility. The A2Z Typhoon Plug maintains all functionalities inherent to the original adapters.

    For added safety, the A2Z Typhoon Plug incorporates a dual-temperature kill switch that activates in the rare event of overheating. Should the adapter temperature approach 85°C, these safety breakers are engaged, pausing the charging process to safeguard your vehicle. Charging can resume once the temperature normalizes and the adapter is reconnected. It's worth noting that throughout our rigorous testing, this temperature threshold was never breached.

    Additionally, our adapter features a secure locking mechanism, minimizing risks of theft or unintentional unplugging. The adapter can only be detached through authorized commands from your car or paired mobile device.

    Specifications :

    • Power : Charging speeds up to 500A
    • Rated Voltage : 100~1000VDC
    • Conductor Material : Titanium Copper Alloy
    • Contact resistance : 5 mΩ
    • Shell Material : UL94V-0
    • Operating Temperature : -30°C to 50°C
    • Security : 85ºC dual temperature sensor switch
    • Sealing gasket : silicon rubber
    • Locking : NACS lock requires to be engaged in order to charge - CCS side locks into the vehicle while charging
    • Security : locks into the vehicle while charging
    • Certification : In the process
    • Degree of protection : IP54

    For more detailed specs, contact us.

        Warranty: Enjoy a 12-month warranty against manufacturing defects. Note: Warranty doesn't cover misuse, mishandling, negligence, accidents, or modifications.

        Our warranty only covers manufacturing defects.
        Consult the warranty section for more informations.

        Manufactured by A2Z EVSE

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        Timothy Caydzien
        Does not work

        Tesla supercharger not open to there party adapters no good must say well made everything seems right but not open to all