Model 3/Y: Must Have Accessories Bundle (6 Pcs)

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Introducing the Ultimate Tesla Model 3/Y Upgrade Bundle! 🚀

Upgrade your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y with this exclusive discounted product bundle, carefully curated to enhance your driving experience. Our bundle includes five fantastic products that combine style, convenience, and protection to elevate your electric ride.

  1. ⚡ Tesla CCS Combo Adapter (250 kW): Unlock access to even faster charging with this CCS Combo Adapter. Charging your Tesla has never been quicker, as this adapter allows you to utilize high-power public charging stations with up to 250 kW capacity. Stay charged and ready to hit the road in no time!

  2. 🔥 Model 3/Y Performance Metal Pedals Set: Transform your driving experience with these high-quality metal pedals. Crafted with precision, these pedals offer a sleek appearance and a firm grip, ensuring maximum control over your vehicle. Enjoy a sporty look while experiencing a more responsive drive.

  3. 📱 Model 3/Y Touch Screen Protector: Preserve the pristine condition of your touchscreen with this durable and reliable protector. Shield your valuable screen from scratches, fingerprints, and daily wear and tear. Enjoy a crystal-clear display and maintain the value of your Tesla.

  4. 🛠️ Model S/3/X/Y Jack Lift Rubber Pads (2 pcs): Safeguard your Tesla during maintenance with these jack lift rubber pads. Designed to fit perfectly and provide a secure grip on your vehicle's lifting points, these pads protect your car's undercarriage and prevent any potential damage.

  5. 🥤 Model 3/Y Rubber Cup Holder Insert: Keep your cup holders clean and tidy with this practical rubber cup holder insert. Designed to fit seamlessly into your Tesla's cup holders, it prevents spills and makes cleaning a breeze. Focus on the road while having your favorite beverages within reach.

  6. 🗃️ Model 3/Y Centre Console Organizer (3 pcs): Maximize your storage space and keep your center console tidy with this clever organizer set. Designed to fit your Tesla's center console perfectly, these organizers provide dedicated compartments for your belongings, such as phones, wallets, sunglasses, and more.

Upgrade your Tesla Model 3 or Model Y with this incredible bundle at an unbeatable price. Individually, these products would cost significantly more, but with this bundle, you save big while enjoying the best of all worlds. Enhance your driving comfort, protect your Tesla, and make charging more efficient with our handpicked selection.

Don't miss this opportunity to take your Tesla to the next level. Limited quantities available, so secure your Ultimate Tesla Model 3/Y Upgrade Bundle today! 🚗💨

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Elevate Your Tesla Model 3 and Model Y with Must-Have Accessories in Canada

GoEVParts is your one-stop shop for premium tesla Model 3 and Model Y accessories to improve your Tesla Model 3 and Model Y experience in Canada. Your ownership experience will be enhanced by our wide selection of Tesla Model 3 and Model Y accessories in Canada.

We provide a large selection of Tesla Model 3 and Model Y accessories, ranging from fashionable interior modifications to useful exterior improvements. Our carefully curated selection offers everything you need, whether you want to enhance functionality with high-tech accessories, add a touch of individuality with custom-fit seat covers, or protect your car with all-weather floor mats.

We at GoEVParts are aware of the particular requirements of Tesla customers in Canada, which is why we provide a line of Tesla Model 3 and Model Y accessories that are designed with this market in mind. To assure quality and durability, we only buy from respected producers.

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