Model S/3/X/Y: Jack Lift Rubber Pads (4 PCs)

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These high-quality rubber jack lift pads are designed to fit securely into the jack points under your Tesla, providing a safe and secure grip that protects against slipping and damage to the battery or frame of the vehicle. These adapters are specifically designed to grip and fit into each of the four jack points under the vehicle, ensuring that it is safely elevated.
They are perfectly suited for all Tesla Model S/3/X/Y vehicles and have a simple and fast installation process. You just need to insert the adapter pad into the vehicle jack point hole and place the jack lift directly below it.
The package includes four jack lift pads and a carrying case for easy transport and storage. With these jack lift pads, you can rest assured that your Tesla is safely elevated and protected from damage during maintenance or repairs.

Customer Reviews

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gas off

They are good pads, but the gas off was real strong when we got them. Need to bring them back in. Left them in the corner in the common garage to air out.

Dominic Derome
Good quality

Haven’t used them yet but from first impression, these are good quality.

Emily Roberts

I recently purchased the jack lift pads, and they have been a game changer for me. The quality is excellent, and they fit perfectly under my car's jacking points. They provide a stable and secure grip, giving me peace of mind while lifting the vehicle. I highly recommend these lift pads to any car enthusiast or DIY mechanic!

David Johnson
Make jacking more secure

The jack lift pads I bought for my car have exceeded my expectations. They are well-made and durable, ensuring safe and reliable lifting.

Jessica Patel
Worth the price

I recently started using the jack lift pads, and I'm impressed with their performance. They provide a solid contact point between the jack and the car, preventing any damage during lifting. The pads are easy to use, and they stay in place securely.