Model 3/Y: Ambient Dash Light Kit

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Introducing the Tesla Model 3/Y Dashboard Ambient Kit - Your Gateway to Personalized Driving Atmospheres!

Upgrade your driving experience with our cutting-edge Tesla Model 3/Y Dashboard Ambient Kit. Designed for seamless integration, this kit brings a whole new level of style, sophistication, and customization to your vehicle's interior.

Effortless Installation: No need to deal with complicated installations or complex wiring. Our kit offers an easy "stick and plug" setup. Simply adhere the ambient lights to your dashboard and plug into the USB port. You can even connect it to a USB hub inside the glovebox for added convenience.

Lighting Options: Immerse yourself in a world of color and light. With a range of captivating hues, our kit allows you to select the perfect shade to match your mood or create a unique ambiance. Whether you're aiming for a calm blue, an energetic red, or anything in between, the possibilities are endless.

Remote and App Control: Take full command of your ambiance. Our kit comes with both a remote control and an intuitive mobile app. Adjust the colors, brightness, and lighting patterns effortlessly at your fingertips. Enhance your drives with soothing gradients, dynamic pulsations, or even sync the lights to your music.

Limitless Light Shows: Experience a mesmerizing array of light shows right in your car. From gentle color fades to lively disco-like patterns, our kit offers a diverse range of presets that add a touch of enchantment to your journeys.

Elevated Aesthetics: Transform your Tesla's interior into a haven of elegance. The ambient lighting not only adds a sense of luxury but also complements the car's design, creating a cohesive and refined atmosphere.

Key Features:

  • Quick and easy installation
  • USB port compatibility and optional hub connection
  • Remote control and mobile app for personalized adjustments
  • A wide spectrum of colors to choose from
  • Dynamic lighting patterns and show modes

Elevate your driving moments with the Tesla Model 3/Y Dashboard Ambient Kit. Embrace the future of automotive customization and make each journey uniquely yours. Get ready to turn heads and set trends while basking in the glow of innovation.

Customer Reviews

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Michael Parsons
Needs to be Longer

Great product just needs to be made longer to fill the space .

Otherwise looks good

Johnny Trapani
super cool

I love how many different combinations of lights you can have if you use the app...adds a super cool effect in my Tesla!