Model 3 2020-2023: XPE Frunk & Trunk Mats Set (3 PCs)

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Protect your frunk, trunk, or compartment from dirt and damage with this all-weather mat set. These mats are made from premium-grade, environmentally friendly, recyclable, odourless, and sturdy XPE rubber.
The 3D laser scan technology ensures a perfect fit for your Model 3's frunk, trunk, or compartment. They come with an elevated edge to prevent spilling into your vehicle and have a textured finish that helps prevent the shifting of cargo. They are ideal for transporting almost anything from garden objects to construction materials.
These mats are easy to clean; you can wipe them with a towel or brush, or clean them with water. They do not have any unusual scent and are 100 percent recyclable, free of cadmium, lead, latex, and PVC. They are safe for you and your family to use.
This mats are also sold separately on our website in discounted bundle.