Model 3: Tesla Oem Aero wheel / Nokian R5 EV

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  • Wheel Type: Tesla Aero Wheels

    • Quantity: 4 wheels
    • Size: 18x8.5 inches
    • Design: Aero style, optimized for efficiency and performance in Tesla vehicles.
  • Tires: Nokian R5 EV 

    • Quantity: 4 tires
    • Size: 235/45R18 XL
    • Specification: Specifically designed for electric vehicles, offering excellent performance and durability.
  • TPMS (Tire Pressure Monitoring System):

    • Type: OEM (Original Equipment Manufacturer) Tesla Bluetooth TPMS.
    • Function: Allows for real-time monitoring of tire pressure, ensuring safety and optimal performance.
  • Compatibility:

    • Designed for Tesla Model 3.
    • Model Years: Compatible with models from 2020 to the latest 2024 Highland model.
  • Condition:

    • The entire kit is brand new.
  • Installation:

    • The wheels and tires are fully assembled.
    • Professional mounting and balancing have been performed, making the set ready for immediate installation and use.
  • Benefits:

    • Perfect fit and compatibility with Tesla Model 3.
    • Enhanced performance and efficiency due to the Aero design.
    • Reliable and real-time tire pressure monitoring with Bluetooth TPMS.
    • High-quality tires suitable for electric vehicles.

This comprehensive Aero Wheel set is an excellent choice for Tesla Model 3 owners seeking to maintain the vehicle's original aesthetics while ensuring optimal performance and safety with quality OEM components.


*Nokian Tire need to be installed in our shop in Laval, QC

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