Model 3/Y: Full Abs Bodykit

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Introducing our revolutionary Tesla Model 3/Y Gloss ABS Body Kit, meticulously crafted from high-quality gloss ABS material. Engineered for durability, this kit offers exceptional strength and a sleek appearance. Elevate your vehicle's aesthetic appeal with our front spoiler, which not only enhances its visual impact but also infuses a sporty flair. Stand out from the crowd as our kit creates an iconic look, setting your car apart from similar models on the street.

Our Gloss ABS tesla model y body kit is specifically designed for the Tesla Model 3/Y, boasting a glossy finish that exudes luxury and athleticism. Transform your car into a true sports car with our rear trunk spoiler, adding a touch of aggression and providing increased downforce for enhanced performance. Experience the benefits of improved aerodynamics, as our kit significantly enhances the styling and overall appearance of your vehicle. The eye-catching design effortlessly complements any car color, ensuring a seamless integration.

Features: Rear Wing Rear Lip Corner Rear Diffuser Side Skirt Camera cover Front Lip Fog Eyebrow

Upgrade your Tesla Model 3/Y with our Gloss ABS tesla model y body kit and unleash a new level of coolness and style. With the glossy ABS material, our kit retains the strength and durability while offering a sleek, glossy aesthetic. Make a statement on the road and turn heads wherever you go with our premium Gloss ABS Body Kit for the Tesla Model 3/Y.

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Sarah M
Looks GREAT, but...

The kit itself looks amazing, nothing was damaged in shipping and all pieces were nicely wrapped. However, the diffuser must have been flat in the box for a while as it didn't seem to mold well to the body lines, we ended up having to put 2 black screws hidden into the corners so it would stop popping out, this means there are 2 holes in the paint underneath which is unfortunate but I wasn't planning on taking the kit off anyways while I have the car. The other annoying thing was the extra rolls of double sided tape that were provided, they were pretty much useless as it wasn't sticking at all to the car even after a good clean, we had to go out and get better stuff (for a whopping $36 after a discount for roughly 5 feet, ouch). We had already put the pre-cut pieces onto everything so we have to trust them for now and hope everything holds.
I opted not to put on the fender cam pieces as the shape isn't flush against it and I'm not a huge fan of those kinds of gaps, but it's just personal preference.
Otherwise the kit and the car look great and I'm very happy with it!