Model 3 18" Tesla Aero Wheel and Winter Tire Package 2021 - 2024

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This kit is suitable for the new model 3 Highland 2024 !

The Model 3 18" Aero Wheel and Winter Tire Package is designed to deliver outstanding safety and grip, whether you're driving in wet or dry conditions or on icy or snow-covered roads. This winter package ensures a high level of traction, stability, and braking efficiency in temperatures under 45°F. Here's a detailed breakdown of what's included:

Package Contents:

  1. Aero Wheels (4x):

    • Size: 18x8.5 inches
    • These Aero Wheels are designed to complement the aerodynamic profile of your Model 3 while ensuring optimal performance.
  2. Pirelli WINTER SOTTOZERO 3 Tires (4x):

    • Size: 235/45R18
    • Tire Brand: Pirelli
    • These winter tires from Pirelli are specifically engineered to excel in cold weather conditions. They offer excellent traction, grip, and control on icy or snow-covered roads, enhancing the safety and performance of your Model 3.
  3. BLE Tire Pressure Sensors (4x):

    • BLE stands for Bluetooth Low Energy, which indicates that these tire pressure sensors likely provide wireless connectivity to your vehicle's monitoring system. They are designed to deliver real-time tire pressure data, ensuring that your tires are properly inflated for optimal safety and performance.

With the Model 3 18" Aero Wheel and Winter Tire Package, you can confidently navigate through winter weather conditions, benefiting from enhanced stability and safety. This package is ideal for drivers who prioritize safety and performance during the colder months.

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Carl Hebert
Winter Tires

Excellent service and fast delivery. Tires look great. Will be able to comment more when I installe them on the vehicle.

Don McDougall

Came well packed as described two days late, very pleased!

Mayooran Muthucumarasamy

Model 3 18" Tesla Aero Wheel and Winter Tire Package

Ashok Patel
Winter tires sets

Good price and best customer service. Items came on time, with good packaging.