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Installation Guide for S3XY Buttons

Installation Guide for S3XY Buttons:

Estimated Installation Time: 5 minutes for COMMANDER + 5 minutes for button setup

No special tools or skills required Non-invasive setup Easy to remove at any time

Follow these simple do-it-yourself steps to install S3XY Buttons:

  1. Move the driver's seat fully forward to provide better access to the central console.

  2. Power off your Tesla by navigating to the main screen and selecting the power-off option.

  3. Locate the plastic cover at the back of the central console. This cover may vary depending on your Tesla model.

  4. Carefully remove the plastic cover to reveal the connectors.

  5. Plug-in the S3XY Buttons cable between the two connectors of your Tesla. Ensure a secure connection.

  6. Once the cable is properly connected, place the plastic cover back into its original position.

  7. That's it! You're all set to enjoy the enhanced control and convenience of S3XY Buttons. Power on your Tesla and start configuring your shortcut buttons through the S3XY Buttons mobile app.

Note: The installation process is non-invasive and does not require any modifications to your Tesla's existing components. You can remove the S3XY Buttons setup easily at any time without leaving any traces.

Experience the seamless integration of S3XY Buttons into your Tesla and enjoy the convenience of quick access to essential functions. Upgrade your driving experience today with S3XY Buttons!